Mexico’s beloved history evolves from its indigenous peoples (indios) to the blending throughout the centuries of numerous cultures found in the Americas.  Mexico holds dear its linkage to the French and Italian culture and histories.

From the colorful Mariachi (Mexico’s beloved music of its people), the struggles for independence to the basic life tied to their development of its land, Mexico has flourished from its blend of foreign cultures.

The name Marengo is both reality and myth. In Italy lies a beautiful town name d’ Marengo.  At this location Napoleon Bonaparte met in battle against the renown armies of Austria for a decisive battle the power to dominate the vast area of northern Italy and France during 1699.  It is believed that Napoleon Bonaparte had numerous famous horses that led him into battle, one of which was surnamed Marengo.

Later on Mexico’s history was impacted by the country of France when the Prince Maximillian of Austria entered Vera Cruz, Mexico and proclaimed himself Emperor of Mexico at the request of Napoleon Bonaparte of France. The beautiful culture of France had now become a part of Mexican culture.

These  events had enormous impact on the state of Jalisco and the towns/villages/cities within that region such as Arenal, Guadalajara and Tequila, to name a few.  The Tequila Marengo name was resurrected from Don Joaquin Gonzalez Lara’s grandfathers horse whose name was Marengo – meaning gray/silver in color in Spanish, and the rich cultural heritage belonging to Napoleon’s influence on Mexico.

Mexico’s love for romance, rodeos, music, fine bred horses, Caballeros, Charros, and fine ladies have produced the finest, purest, and best tasting tequila in the world. It is now being distributed in association with Distillery El Limon and Bebidas LLC in the United States and throughout the world.