Tequila Marengo originates from a small town of Arenal, Jalisco, Mexico. The fertile agave mountain range region of Arenal, Jalisco is located in the heartland of Mexico and is the biological root and home of the original native indigenous residents called Tequilas.  The word Marengo signifies the color gray/silver in Spanish. 

From these fertile and historical lands, Don Joaquin Gonzalez Lara and Don Arturo Gonzalez Luera and family have formed an association to produce and distribute a superior tequila, named after Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous horse – Marengo, as well as Don Gonzalez Lara’s grandfathers horse of the same name. 

From the personal selection of the rich fields for planting of the hijidos (selected seeds of blue agave), the cultivation and jornada (harvest) of the blue agave to the distillation, bottling, aging of the reposado tequila in royal oak barrels, loading and shipping to the global market and importation into foreign countries to the distribution of Tequila Marengo within those countries, all is handled by the dual family circle.