Tequila Marengo -- The Smooth Side of Tequila
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Introducing Tequila Marengo!


During the course of our travels we occasionally find something special that rises from the noisy clamor of all the numerous promoters pushing their products.

From out of this noise emerges a single classic tequila  that brings an outstanding sense of quality, smoothness, and exceptional value. 

From traditional values and meticulous care to detail we discover Tequila Marengo, distilled from 100% Agave in the all-natural process and aged beyond the normal standards of other distilleries.  Bebidas, LLC is proud to introduce this exceptional product to the American market in two forms initially:

  • A refined Tequila Marengo Silver/Blanco

  • An extra aged Tequila Marengo Reposado.  

From traditional family values and master distilling techniques comes this special addition to the offerings of fine dining establishments and discriminating purveyors of libations throughout North America.

Bebidas welcomes your interest and discovery of this classic tequila and looks forward to success in working with you to introduce Tequila Marengo to our future devotees!

Try Tequila Marengo Once..... you will find the Smooth Side of Tequila!