The decisions to market its own premium Family Name product can be traced to Don Joaquin Gonzalez Lara and Don Arturo  Gonzalez Luera, initially in Mexico and now internationally.  In 2006, Distileria El Limon opened a state-of-the-art Tequila Marengo processing operation that is 100% self-sustained.

Goldstein and Luera, LLC (G&L) has been in operation 37 years as a holding firm founded in Phoenix, Arizona with strong community roots.  G&L is located in a HUB Zone area of Phoenix and is also certified as a veteran-owned enterprise.

Chase Bank in Phoenix, Arizona:  All transactions, sales, purchases shall be processed through a
Chase Bank account in the United States. 

Freeport Logistics, Phoenix, Arizona is secured and approved by the State of Arizona for storage of spirit products. 

Tequila Marengo, through Bebidas LLC (the exclusive wholesaler for Tequila Marengo) may sell equal to
but not lower than the price Tequila Marengo is sold to US Government facilities. 

Opportunities for both wholesale and retail relationships are available to key distributors of quality beverage products to the consumer market.  A client must operate as a wholesaler (in any state within the USA or global) or as a retailer within the scope of all required licenses and laws, including all local, state, federal requirements, and any foreign legal laws that may apply.   

Bebidas LLC from inception has insisted on providing the very best service to its clients, and in most instances, this may best be accomplished from negotiated contracting to meet mutual goals.Licenses/Capabilities" width="600"/>

Exclusive USA Import and Sales for Tequila Marengo

·  Federal Import License for Spirits (imports into USA)

· Out of State Producer State of Arizona (imports into Arizona)

· Wholesaler into the State of Arizona (distributor) 

Bebidas LLC has the direct contact with the controlling ownership of the land, agave growth and distillation of Tequila Marengo. Approximately eighty percent (80%) of the distillation production is dedicated to Tequila Marengo for Bebidas LLC - USA sales or international sales.