Tequila Marengo -- The Smooth Side of Tequila
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Tequila Marengo Silver/Blanco 100% Natural

The origin of any tequila is the “material prima seleccionada" or one would say the “selection of the original material” used for the making of the tequila and the process of the primary material as it is distilled, aged and bottled. 

Tequila Marengo Silver/Blanco l00% Natural  originates from the premium Agave Azul (tequilana weber). The agave source used for Tequila Marengo is privately owned. The preparation of the land, and the selection of the best agave hijuelos (starting plants) for planting is important to the continued quality of the final product.  The care and nurturing of the agave growth during the 7 to 8 years of maturation to the jima or cosecha (harvest) is done selectively and always supervised by one owner and his family.

The process used for the cooking and/or transformation (mamposteo) of the agave is by oven, utilizing the most historical, natural and traditional method,  thus providing all the time required for the agave to reach optimal maturation. 

Tequila Marengo takes pride in the following method of fermentation.  Without the use of any accelerants/chemical catalysts or additives for taste enhancements or color the agave is shredded, than fermented under its own natural process for more then 48 hours (2days).  After the fermentation, the product (agave) is double distilled. Supervision and careful direction of the distillery is handled by the Tequila Master, with over 30 years of experience producing quality tequilas.   The Tequila Master develops and enhances the distinct quality, pureness, and renown taste of Tequila Marengo in compliance with all legal requirements for global consumption by the Government (Mexico and Jalisco), Secretary of Health and Regulatory Counsel for Tequila.

Tequila Marengo (100% agave azul tequilana weber) is bottled in Arenal Jalisco and is privately supervised.  Tequila Marengo Silver/Blanco 100% Natural is grown and bottled in the Valle de Arenal Jalisco, the front gate to Tequila, Jalisco and the passage way to the agave as termed by the Patrimonio Cultural de Ia Humanidad por la IIFIESCO. The best zone for the production of tequila in all of Mexico for its type of ground, climate, and water source.